How to Use Remote Desktop on the Raspberry Pi with VNC

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Enable VNC

You will need to interact with your Pi in order to turn on the VNC server. To do this, you have several options:

(Optional) Install RealVNC

By default, Raspbian should come with a VNC server (RealVNC) installed. If you are using another operating system, you might need to install RealVNC. With most flavors of Debian (e.g. Raspbian is built on top of Debian), you should be able to use apt-get to install RealVNC. In a terminal, enter the following:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install real-vnc-server
sudo apt-get install real-vnc-client

Enable the VNC Server

You will need to go into the Raspberry Pi configuration tool to turn on the VNC server:

sudo raspi-config

Select Interfacing Option, and then select VNC. On the next screen, select Yes, and press enter to save the changes.

Enable VNC on the Raspberry Pi

Feel free to make any other changes you might like, including setting a new password and changing the keyboard layout.

Back in the raspi-config homescreen, press right arrow twice to select Finish and press enter.