Comments: How to Use Remote Desktop on the Raspberry Pi with VNC


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  • Parsec is another good option; especially, for gaming or viewing videos []. It is primarily designed to connect to a gaming host computer though (it should work with most mid-level PCs). I tested it with my work computer and was even able to work on SolidWorks (there were some quirks rotating objects, but nothing too bad) and stream a video at the same time without any issues on a Pi 3. I tested Parsec with Fortnite and PUBG with a Pi 3B+, the setup works fine if you lower your graphics and there is a small lag from the server connection (3-5 ms with Ethernet); overall very playable (I averaged 30-45 fps).

    The installation is extremely simple:

  • Shawn says “Note: The Raspberry Pi Zero W should also work with this tutorial, if you want a smaller option for your project. ”

    I say, good luck if you want more than one. I recently tried buying a second one here, multiple months and orders after I bought my first one from SF and was told that the RPi foundation has decreed that I may never ever buy a second Zero W board from SF. Nice to know that the spirit of Kafka lives on at RPi (that bunch of giant insects).

    • That’s discouraging to hear that purchasing more than one RPi Zero W is nigh impossible. Part of the reason I’m making these tutorials for the RPi (the bigger model) is that I’m still hearing that the Zero models are tough to obtain. :-/

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