How to Solder: Castellated Mounting Holes

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Resources and Going Further

Advanced Techniques

While it was originally created for PTH soldering, Joel shows some great advanced soldering techniques in this video.

If you have a small enough module or the right tip for the hot-air rework station, you can use the part-removal techniques shown by David in this video to desolder the module.


If you are interested in more information about soldering, here are some resources:

If you wish to design your own PCBs, we have an excellent series of tutorials covering the design process using Eagle, a free PCB design software.

How to Install and Setup EAGLE

Not just how to download and install EAGLE, but how to install the SparkFun EAGLE Libraries and scripts.

Using EAGLE: Schematic

How to design a PCB in EAGLE using through-hole parts.

Using EAGLE: Board Layout

Part 2 of the Using Eagle tutorials, this one covers how to lay out a board after designing a schematic.