How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made

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Great Power Batteries

As part of the 2014 China trip, I got the chance to tour one of our battery manufactures. Robert was kind enough to give me a tour of Great Power Battery and to hook me up with one of the material engineers that works there. The following is a rough step-by-step of how LiPo batteries are manufactured.

Grounds at GPB

Great power has a multi-building campus outside of Zhuhai, China.

Robert and Nathan

Robert was nice enough to pick me up from the port of Zhuhai (pronounced chew-high) and give me a tour of the facility.

Step by step graph

A quick step-by-step process of how LiPos are manufactured!

Safety uniforms

It was really neat to see the complexity of the uniforms and safety gear for the different positions along the assembly process.