How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made

Contributors: Nate
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Forming and Electrolyte

Machine to cut and create the battery form

In a separate room, the housing is made.

A rough square outline

These machines cut, form, and create the slightly flexible but protective housing for the inner electrodes and electrolyte polymer. I believe this material is a type of plastic or PVC.

Insertion of electrodes into housing

The electrodes are then inserted between the protective housing and thermally welded together on three sides. The fourth side is left open for squirting in the electrolyte.

Cell in housing

Electrodes in their housing.

Electrolyte insertion

In a carefully controlled environment the electrolyte is pumped into the cell. This part of the manufacturing floor is tightly controlled for humidity and temperature. The fume chamber is even more carefully controlled.

Electrolyte lines

Multiple lines going at the same time. The final step of this line is thermally welding the fourth side of the battery to contain the electrolyte and seal the battery.