How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made

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Electrode Creation

Electrode Creation

These machines take the rolls of electrodes, attach a terminal or tab, cut them to the proper length, and a whole bunch of other things I can’t quite discern.

LiPo Battery Anode Preparation

Here’s a video of the machines in glorious action.

alt text

And there’s a ton of them.

LiPo Battery Terminal Welding

Here’s a close up of the tab welding.

Machine to combine electrodes

Once a pile of a given anode type is made, it is brought together with a pile of the cathode of the same size. A semi-permeable membrane is inserted between the layers, and the three strips are then folded together many times.

The above machine is a semi-automatic machine. It requires the operator to insert and line up the two electrodes, but it does the rest.

LiPo Battery Inner Cell Wrapping

Here’s a video of the machine wrapping a cell.

LiPo Battery Cell Wrapping

Above is a close-up of the folding or wrapping of the layers.

alt text

And when you’re done you have the layers folded many times and taped.

alt text

Multiply the lines, and you can see how this factory produces 750,000 units a month.

LiPo Battery Massive Wrapping Machine

Above is a more automated wrapping machine. This level of automation makes me giddy. How do you build something like that and keep it running without constant tweaking?! Amazing.