How Lithium Polymer Batteries are Made

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Battery Creation

Soldering on protection circuit

The protection circuit prevents the LiPo cell from being over charged (bad things happen when the cell is pushed past 4.3V), under charged (the cell can be harmed if pulled below about 2.8V), and short-circuit (shorting the positive and negative terminals together). If any of these triggers occur, the protection circuit very quickly disconnects the cell from the terminals.

Bettery with terminals

Above, we finally have a formal battery with taped-in protection circuit (the yellow kapton tape) and positive and negative terminal wires (sans connector).

Large tablet battery

Dozens of different models of batteries were all over the factory. Above was a larger battery for a tablet.

Dual cell battery

I found this battery particularly intriguing. I've never seen a two part battery. Perhaps the dual cell allows for the battery pack to bend? Large cell goes under the keyboard and small cell behind the screen? I couldn't get more information about this one, but it does make me think about differently about battery options.

A line of battery workers

Each different battery model had their own line of employees.

Multiple lines of battery manufacturing

Multiply by many lines.