Graphic LCD Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

Thanks for checking out our Monochrome 84 x 48 Graphic LCD Hookup Guide! Should you require any further resources to get your LCD up and running, here are some handy places to look:

Going Further

Now that you've got control of your graphic LCD, you can embed it into all sorts of cool projects. If you need some inspiration, here are some related tutorials to help you out:

  • OLED Display Hookup Guide -- While not exactly an LCD, this OLED provides a nice, crisp text display to your project.
  • MP3 Player Shield Music Box -- This MP3 Player Music Box could be well served by a sweet graphic display. Hmm...
  • ITG-3200 Hookup Guide -- The ITG-3200 is a fully-featured 3-axis gyroscope sensor. This display could be used to create a visual angular velocity meter.