Getting Started with the micro:bit

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Powering the micro:bit

You have your program running on your micro:bit, but it is still tethered to your computer. There are a number of ways to solve this problem... batteries, batteries and more batteries!

USB Battery Pack

USB battery packs are becoming pretty commonplace out there. You can use one to run your micro:bit project for quite a long time.

micro:bit powered with USB Power via the USB Connector

It is handy to have a shorter USB cable to keep from dragging a super-long wire around.

2xAA Battery Pack

The 2xAA battery holder with JST-PH connector is a great solution if you are looking to power a whole lot of micro:bits for a good amount of time, such as in a classroom setting.

micro:bit powered with 2xAA batteries via the JST connector

These batteries can be purchased in bulk for pretty cheap.

2xAAA Battery Pack

Looking for a smaller battery holder? Try looking at the 2xAAA battery holder with JST-PH connector. There is one that is included in the micro:bit Go bundle!

micro:bit v2 Go Bundle

micro:bit v2 Go Bundle


Or even check out the 2xAAA battery holder with JST-PH connector and power switch! The added switch makes it easy to turn on and off your micro:bit project without the need to wiggle the JST-PH connector off of your micro:bit.

micro:bit Battery Holder - 2xAAA (JST-PH)

micro:bit Battery Holder - 2xAAA (JST-PH)