Gator:starter ProtoSnap Hookup Guide

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Hardware Overview

The gator:starter contains 3x boards that can be snapped out of the main assembly simply by twisting back and forth repeatedly. The available boards are:

  • temperature sensor (MCP9700)
  • common cathode RGB LED
  • light sensor (TEMT6000)


The temperature sensor (MCP9700) is an analog sensor. Simply provide power to the sensor on 3.3V and GND. To read, you would connect the TEMP pin to the micro:bit's analog input.

Temperature Sensor

Common Cathode RGB LED

The center component is a common cathode RGB LED. Each individual LED is connect to the GND pin. You would need one I/O pin per color to light up.

Common Cathode Tri-Color RGB LED

Light Sensor

The light sensor is also an analog sensor. Simply provide power to the sensor on the 3.3V and GND pin. To read, you would connect the LIGHT pin to a micro:bit's analog input.

Light Sensor

Power Tabs

We've broken out the power (3.3V and GND) so it can be clipped to on the edge of the board for power without breaking each board away from the main board. These power pins are outlined in the image below.

Power Tabs

Power Tabs

There are also power tabs available on each board if you choose to break the gator:starter into its basic components. Try not to hook power up backwards! If you don't break the board apart however, you'll still be able to interface with all of the sensor and light pins.