ESP8266 Thing Hookup Guide

Contributors: jimblom
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Example Sketch: Blink

To verify that everything works, try uploading the old standard: Blink. Instead of blinking pin 13, like you may be used to though, toggle pin 5, which is attached to the onboard LED.

#define ESP8266_LED 5

void setup() 
  pinMode(ESP8266_LED, OUTPUT);

void loop() 
  digitalWrite(ESP8266_LED, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(ESP8266_LED, LOW);

If the upload fails, first make sure the ESP8266 Thing is turned on -- the red "PWR" LED should be illuminated.

Faster Uploads! The serial upload speed defaults to 115200 bps, which is reliable, but can feel a bit slow. You can increase the upload speed by a factor of about 8 by selecting 921600 under the Tools > Upload Speed menu.

This faster upload speed can be slightly less reliable, but will save you loads of time!

There are still some bugs to be fleshed out of the esptool, sometimes it may take a couple tries to successfully upload a sketch. If you continue to fail, try turning the ESP8266 Thing on then off, or unplug then replug the FTDI in. If you still have trouble, get in touch with our amazing tech support team.