ESP8266 Powered Propane Poofer

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Is there anything more fun to look at than a big (controlled) fire? For most of history, pyrotechnic effects have been adding an edge to everything from the Olympic games to the KISS Reunion Tour (surely, these are defining moments in the history of man) But while the ancient Greeks preferred to light their fires with an exhausted, torch-bearing athlete, I'm much more interested in lighting fires from the comfort of my sofa. Enter: The ESP8266 Thing Dev Board. Now we're cookin' with gas...

Nick using a flamethrower and looking majestic

This could be us but you haven't built a flame-thrower.

Required Materials

Along with all the components necessary to build the propane poofer (discussed later), you will also need the following electronics to replicate this project:

SparkFun Beefcake Relay Control Kit (Ver. 2.0)

SparkFun Beefcake Relay Control Kit (Ver. 2.0)

SparkFun ESP8266 Thing - Dev Board

SparkFun ESP8266 Thing - Dev Board

Voltage Regulator - 5V

Voltage Regulator - 5V


Silicon Nitride Igniter - 12V

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Suggested Reading

If you have not worked with the ESP8266 before this project, we highly recommend reading our ESP8266 Thing Dev Board Hookup Guide before tackling this project.

ESP8266 Thing Development Board Hookup Guide

November 5, 2015

An overview of SparkFun's ESP8266 Thing Development Board - a development board for the Internet of Things.