Displaying Your Coordinates with a GPS Module

Contributors: Brandon J. Williams
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Let's Wrap it Up

For myself, this project has a special purpose. I love to go fishing and I’m a nerd. So my usage for this project is to map my catches. When I make record breaking catch of unearthly magnitudes (okay most of my trophies are around 4 inches, but lets both just move on), I’ll take a photo and then safely release the little guy. What I’d like to do is geo-tag those catches by using the coordinates I write down from my gadget and then pin them to the pictures of my catches. This way I can look back at where my biggest catches were so I can go there again, or just make some hypothesis as to the health of the lake.

Take the next step

Now that you can literally find your location on earth with a push of a button let's do something more useful and put our locations on a map. With just a few different pieces of hardware, the following tutorial teaches you how to do just that.

GPS Geo-Mapping at the Push of a Button

September 27, 2019

Let's ramp up our GPS tracking skills with KML files and Google Earth. We'll make a tracker that logs location and allows us to visualize our steps with Google Earth.