Designing with the SparkFun Artemis

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Resources and Going Further

Here's a list of quick links to the resources provided in this tutorial:

Ready to use Artemis inside Arduino? Checkout the Artemis Development with Arduino tutorial.

Are you more comfortable with a make file and an IDE? Checkout the tutorial on how to setup the Ambiq Apollo3 SDK.

And lastly, Artemis has been designed and proven to work with our entire range of 50+ Qwiic boards. Be sure to check out and get inspired by what's possible by just plugging in the sensors and outputs you need to build something amazing!

SparkFun LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT Shield - SARA-R4 (with Hologram SIM Card)

SparkFun LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT Shield - SARA-R4 (with Hologram SIM Card)


SparkFun RED-V Thing Plus - SiFive RISC-V FE310 SoC

SparkFun GPS Breakout - NEO-M9N, SMA (Qwiic)

SparkFun GPS Breakout - NEO-M9N, SMA (Qwiic)

SparkFun MicroMod mikroBUS Starter Kit

SparkFun MicroMod mikroBUS Starter Kit


Check out some of these Artemis/Apollo3 related boards and tutorials:

SparkFun Edge Hookup Guide

Get to know your Edge board, including both the hardware features for you to utilize as well as how to get talking to it.

Hookup Guide for the SparkFun Artemis Thing Plus

Get started with our SparkFun Artemis Thing Plus - our popular Thing Plus footprint with the powerful Artemis module for ultimate functionality.

MicroMod All The Pins (ATP) Carrier Board

Access All The Pins (ATP) of the MicroMod Processor Board with the Carrier Board!

Artemis Global Tracker Hookup Guide

The SparkFun Artemis Global Tracker combines the Artemis processor with an Iridium 9603N satellite transceiver, ZOE-M8Q GNSS transceiver, and MS8607 PHT sensor. With a clear view of the sky, this board allows you to send and receive short data messages from anywhere in the world including remote locations far beyond the reach of WiFi and GSM networks. Follow this guide to get started with the Artemis Global Tracker.

Or check out these blog posts.