Designing with the SparkFun Artemis

Contributors: Nate, Ell C
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Resources and Going Further

Here's a list of quick links to the resources provided in this tutorial:

Ready to use Artemis inside Arduino? Checkout the Artemis Development with Arduino tutorial.

Are you more comfortable with a make file and an IDE? Checkout the tutorial on how to setup the Ambiq Apollo3 SDK.

And lastly, Artemis has been designed and proven to work with our entire range of 50+ Qwiic boards. Be sure to check out and get inspired by what's possible by just plugging in the sensors and outputs you need to build something amazing!

SparkFun Air Quality Sensor - SGP30 (Qwiic)

Qwiic JST Connector - SMD 4-Pin (Vertical)

Qwiic JST Connector - SMD 4-Pin (Vertical)

SparkFun RTK Express

SparkFun RTK Express

SparkFun Qwiic ToF Imager - VL53L5CX

SparkFun Qwiic ToF Imager - VL53L5CX


Check out some of these Artemis/Apollo3 related boards and tutorials:

Hookup Guide for the SparkFun RedBoard Artemis

Get started with the RedBoard Artemis - all the functionality of the SparkFun Artemis module wrapped in the familiar Uno R3 footprint

Hookup Guide for the SparkFun Artemis Thing Plus

Get started with our SparkFun Artemis Thing Plus - our popular Thing Plus footprint with the powerful Artemis module for ultimate functionality.

Cryptographic Co-Processor ATECC508A (Qwiic) Hookup Guide

Learn how to use some of the standard features of the SparkFun Cryptographic Co-processor.

Artemis Development on Arm® Mbed™ OS (Beta)

With the latest Artemis DK, board, we now offer full Bluetooth support within the Arduino IDE and development with Mbed™ OS. While we have worked tirelessly to get the Artemis module supported in the next Mbed™ OS release, the next release isn't slated until after the Artemis DK becomes available to the public. Therefore, this post will provide users with a jump start for developing with Mbed™ Studio, prior to the next release (in a beta of sorts), by utilizing our fork of Mbed™ OS.

Or check out these blog posts.