Designing with the SparkFun Artemis

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I accidentally used the Ambiq bootloader. Now the SparkFun Variable Loader doesn't work. What do I do?

The bootloader menu inside the SparkFun Apollo core

Don't select Ambiq Secure Bootloader unless you know what you're doing

You just couldn't help yourself and you loaded code with the Ambiq bootloader. That's ok! To get your module re-loaded with SparkFun SVL bootloader follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the right board and COM port in Arduino.

COM port selection in Arduino

Double check that you have the correct board and COM port selected on the Tools menu. COM 4 is shown in the above image but your COM port may be different.

Step 2: Select Burn Bootloader from Tools menu

Selecting 'Burn Bootloader' from Tools menu

This will cause Arduino to use the Ambiq factory bootloader to re-load the SparkFun Variable Loader over serial.

Step 3: Change your Bootload Tool to SVL

Let's not do that again, ok? Change the Bootloader back to SVL. Now all your sketches will upload much faster.

Menu showing the SparkFun Variable Loader

Be sure to use the SparkFun Variable Loader from now on