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  • Member #211316 / about 3 years ago / 1

    Your Ambiq SDK/HALlinks just go to the Ambiq home page, Can't find HAL documentation.

    • Ell C / about 3 years ago / 1

      Thanks for the heads up - their website has undergone some changes recently and we're fixing the links as we find them!

  • Member #667626 / about 3 years ago / 1

    It seems the CH320 drivers no longer work for Mac OS. I can't get Big Sur to recognize any of the Artemis boards. Any idea on a fix?

    • Ell C / about 3 years ago / 1

      We're seeing this too, and we're working on the issue.

      Per internal discussion: "Big Sur changes the implementation model for a lot of driver types, including USB serial - so our vendor needs to update their driver. High-level changes for drivers on Big Sur is here:"

      We do have a forum discussion going for this as well and will post any updates there:

  • BerenV / about 5 years ago * / 1

    Hey, I'm looking in my example sketches folder but not finding that SVL bootloader repair sketch like it shows in the example. Perhaps something needs to be updated? I'm using version 1.0.16

    Also your GitHub link to the bootloader page is broken.

    • Sorry! We made it much easier to reprogram the bootloader. Simply click on 'Burn Bootloader' from the Tools menu. I've updated the troubleshooting section as well.

      Thanks for the bad link report. Fixed.

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