Decade Resistance Box Hookup Guide

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A decade box is a tool that contains resistors of many values accessed via mechanical switches. Adjust the knobs to output any of the discrete resistances offered by the box.

SparkFun Decade Resistance Box

SparkFun Decade Resistance Box


They are known as decade boxes because they have controls that correspond to the digits in a decimal number - a control for the tens position, a control for the hundreds position, and so on.

Reading a Decade Box

Traditional decade boxes looked like something out of Dr. Frankenstein's lab - large wooden enclosures, with engraved front panels and big Bakelite knobs. They were available in three main types - resistance, capacitance and inductance. This kit is for a decade resistance box. It allows you to quickly and accurately dial in a specific resistance value between 0 and 999,990 Ω, in 10 Ω increments..

In this hookup guide, we'll first assemble the decade box, then explore its application as a design aid and a test instrument.

Necessary Tools

Additional Tools and Supplies

Optional Materials

The decade box can be assembled to fit in an enclosure or behind a front panel. In this tutorial, we'll build it into a cast aluminum enclosure.

432,640 Ohms, Anyone?

If you want to build yours into an enclosure, you'll need the following.

  • Aluminum enclosure
  • Removable tape, such as painter's or gaffer's tape
  • Center Punch and hammer
  • A vise or clamps
  • A drill press or hand drill
  • A set of drill bits, or a step-drill

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