CC3000 Hookup Guide

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Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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If you need to add wireless networking (WiFi) to a project, then the CC3000 could be your ticket. Two flavors are available: the CC3000 WiFi Arduino Shield, and the CC3000 WiFi Breakout Board. What sets the CC3000 apart from others (such as the WiFly Shield) is its ability to associate to a WiFi access point (AP) using a cell phone app in a process TI calls SmartConfig.

This guide will walk you through the getting started process with the CC3000 Shield and Breakout Board.

CC3000 Arduino Shield

For an Arduino shield form factor, we recommend the CC3000 Shield

CC3000 Breakout Board

For other microcontrollers, we recommend the CC3000 Breakout Board

Required Materials

If you are using the breakout board (as opposed to the shield), you will also need:

If you want to connect an external antenna, you need:

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