CC3000 Hookup Guide

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Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Install SmartConfig App

One of the most appealing features of the CC3000 is its ability to receive AP connection information from a smartphone app. If you are working on a final product or a project that might be changing WiFi networks often, having a way to connect to a new network without re-programming the microcontroller is extremely handy.

iPhone Installation

For iPhone users, download the free app from the iTunes store: TI WiFi SmartConfig

Android Installation

If you have an Andoid phone, the installation process is more involved:

Download the Android SmartConfig Application here. Note: if the download link does not work, go to TI's CC3000 Wi-Fi Downloads page and navigate to the "CC3000 SmartConfig" section to download the "Android SmartConfig Application."

Run the self-extracting .exe and accept the defaults. The program will unzip a series of folders to C:\TI\CC3000AndroidApp.

TI CC3000 Android app install

Using a USB cable, plug your phone into your computer.

Navigate to C:\TI\CC3000AndroidApp\SmartConfigCC3X\bin and copy SmartConfigCCX.apk to the Internal Storage of your Android phone (e.g. Galaxy Nexus\Internal storage\Download).

Copy CC3000 Smart Config app to your phone

On your phone, go to Settings → Security, and check "Unknown sources" to allow the installation of the .apk file.

Android - allow apps from unknown sources

Using the Google Play store, install a file browser, such as File Manager.

Open up the File Manager app and navigate to /storage/emulated/0/Download. Click on the SmartConfigCC3X.apk.

After reviewing the installation page, click "Install."

Android - install SmartConfig app

Once the app has installed, click "Done."

Android - finished installing SmartConfig