CC3000 Hookup Guide

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Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Connecting an External Antenna

IMPORTANT: This step is optional! You don't need to add an external antenna to get the CC3000 to work (the chip antenna on the shield and breakout board works well enough). Only do this if you need to add an external antenna.

Both the CC3000 Shield and Breakout Board offer the ability to attach an external antenna. This is a handy feature if you want to route an antenna to the outside of an enclosure or to increase your WiFi gain.


Desolder the capacitor labeled "Antenna Select."

Antenna select capacitor on CC3000 Shield

Rotate the capacitor at a 90° angle so that it is connecting the trace coming out of the CC3000 and the trace going to the U.FL connector.

CC3000 Shield configured for external antenna

Attach the RP-SMA to U.FL cable to the U.FL connector. Connect the 2.4GHz antenna (or 2.4GHz large antenna) to the cable.

CC3000 Shield with external antenna

Note that you can use some Angle Brackets, 4-40 Screws, 4-40 Nuts, and a piece of drilled (or laser-cut) plastic to hold the antenna onto the CC3000 Shield.

Breakout Board

For the CC3000 Breakout Board, you will need to perform the same operation as on the shield to rotate the Antenna Select capacitor by 90°.

CC3000 Breakout configured for extrenal antenna

You may then connect an antenna to the U.FL connector.