Build a Qwiic Jukebox that is Toddler Approved!

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Preparing the uSD card

In order for your jukebox to play any songs or audio books, you will need to load up the micro SD card with some MP3 files. The most important thing to do here is name them correctly; the files must be named F000.mp3, F001.mp3, F002.mp3, and so forth. For more info, see our Qwiic MP3 Trigger Hookup Guide.

files on SD card
An example of files listed on an SD card.

Note: Make sure that these are the only files on the μSD card in order for the MP3 trigger to find them.

The tagList[], mentioned in the previous section, is where the RFID tags' IDs are linked to the MP3 files you want to play. This array of strings is located in the rfidControl.ino file, within the GitHub project repository. When using the Arduino IDE, it should be available as a tab (see image above).

list of tag and file association
A list of RFID tag and MP3 file associations from the tagList[] string array in the rfidControl.ino file.

The first spot in this list is actually spot 0. It is used to identify when there are no RFID tags present, and so we need to leave that in there. The second spot is actually spot 1 and the tag ID 850764172190 will cause the file F001.mp3 to be queued when that tag is present at the RFID reader.