Build a Qwiic Jukebox that is Toddler Approved!

Contributors: QCPete
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Arduino Code

All of the Arduino code necessary for this project lives in a GitHub repository here:

Once you have your hardware all plugged in, follow these steps to get your jukebox up and running:

  1. Download the code from the GitHub project repository.
  2. Install the Arduino Library for Qwiic MP3.
  3. Upload the project sketches to your RedBoard Qwiic. There should be 3 tabs open in the Arduino IDE; one for each of project sketches.
    file tabs in arduino ide
    Project file tabs in Arduino IDE.
  4. Open a terminal at 115200 bps and listen to debug messages.
  5. Determine each of your RFID tags' IDs, by holding each tag up to the reader and watching the serial monitor.
  6. Update the tagList[] in the rfidControl.ino sketch.
    sketch with updated tag ids
    rfidControl.ino sketch updated with the RFID tag IDs. (Click to enlarge)
  7. Upload your modified code.
  8. Prepare your μSD card with the MP3 files.

The bones of this code come from these two examples: Qwiic MP3 Trigger: Example 1 and the Qwiic RFID: Example 1.

The main loop(), in the project sketch, basically does three things:

  1. Checks for new tags (either from the RFID or the IR crafty card reader). Updates active track if necessary.
  2. Checks PLAY button. Commands Qwiic MP3 board to play if pressed.
  3. Checks STOP button. Commands Qwiic MP3 board as necessary. Note, this also waits to see a second "tap" indicating the user wants PAUSE.
Note: The provided code in the repository does need to be modified in order to work. It will also need to know your RFID tags' IDs. If you listen on a terminal, it will tell you when a new tag is present and print out the unique ID.