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As you dig deeper into the electronics hobby, you'll probably find your personal space infiltrated by a recurring theme of electronics components. With the Beginner Parts Kit we've tried to create a delightful mish-mash of electronics components that us electrical engineers have grown to love and/or hate through the years. It's filled with capacitors, LEDs, transistors, integrated circuits, and the like that we've found to be the most useful components around. And they all come in a pretty kickin' box too! Whether you're beginning an electronics collection, or just refilling, the Beginner's Parts Kit will have a lot of what you need.

SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit

SparkFun Beginner Parts Kit


In this tutorial, we'll provide a quick rundown of each part in the kit, to help reinforce your understanding of the component. For some parts, we'll include an example application, in case you're in need of a circuit to plug your new toys into.

Suggested Materials

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need the following materials at a minimum to get started. You may not need everything though depending on what you have. Add it to your cart, read through the guide, and adjust the cart as necessary.

Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)

Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)

Jumper Wires Premium 4" M/M - 26 AWG (30 Pack)

Jumper Wires Premium 4" M/M - 26 AWG (30 Pack)

Breadboard - Mini Modular (Black)

Breadboard - Mini Modular (Black)


In addition to those components, you need an actual power source that delivers a voltage that's 1-2V higher than your desired output. If I have a wall outlet available, I always like using "wall-warts" as my power supply; of those 9V or 12V are good options. The output of the wall-wart can be plugged into a barrel jack connector, which can, in turn, be wired to our circuit.

DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Breadboard Compatible

DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Breadboard Compatible

Wall Adapter Power Supply - 12VDC, 600mA (Barrel Jack)

Wall Adapter Power Supply - 12VDC, 600mA (Barrel Jack)

DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Female

DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Female


Wall Adapter Power Supply - 9VDC 650mA

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