Assembly Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

Contributors: HelloTechie, SFUptownMaker, Shawn Hymel
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7. Accelerometer

Time to add the RedBot accelerometer! The accelerometer is a special sensor that can be used to measure speed (through acceleration), tilt (orientation), and detect jolts or bumps. If you do not have headers on your accelerometer already (older revisions of the RedBot accelerometer did not have headers), we recommend soldering on female headers to your accelerometer to fit on top of the RedBot Mainboard's headers.

Locate the Following:

1x Accelerometer Board (R)
RedBot Accelerometer

Add the RedBot Accelerometer

Locate the SENSOR port with "A4" and "A5" marked near the upper right corner of the RedBot Mainboard. Line up the "A4" pin on the accelerometer to the "A4" male header pin on the RedBot Mainboard, and attach the Accelerometer Board (R).

Adding the accelerometer to the RedBot