Assembly Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

Contributors: HelloTechie, SFUptownMaker, Shawn Hymel
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5. Chassis

With the motors and a few sensors attached, we can assemble the main body of the robot.

Locate the Following:

4x Side Strut (E) 1x Nub Caster (M)
Side strut Nub caster

You will also need the Top Chassis Plate and Bottom Chassis Plate assemblies, which have any additional parts and sensors you attached in previous steps.

Attach the Nub Caster

Snap the Nub Caster (M) into the slot on the back of the Bottom Chassis Plate assembly. Make sure the Nub Caster is on the side opposite the motors (the bottom side).

Adding the ball caster

Add the Side Struts

Snap the four Side Struts (E) into the diagonal slots on the four corners of the Bottom Chassis Plate assembly.

Adding the side struts

Route the Cables

Position the Top Chassis Plate over the Bottom Chassis Plate -- but do not snap the two plates together yet. Make sure that the front sides of each plate line up.

Route the wires and cables through the left and right oval slots in the Top Chassis Plate assembly as shown. For the center line follower sensor, route this cable through the right oval slot. Note that SIK-only cables are listed with an asterisk (*).

NOTE: It might be a good idea to use some pieces of masking tape to mark which cables go to which component. It's not necessary, but it might help keep things organized.

Cable Routing:

Cable Connection Oval Side
Left Bumper Sensor* Left
Right Bumper Sensor* Right
Left Line Follower Left
Center Line Follower Right
Right Line Follower Right
Left Motor wires (red and black) Left
Right Motor wires (red and black) Right
Left Wheel Encoder* Left
Right Wheel Encoder* Right
* Indicates parts included in the SIK for RedBot

Cables through cutouts

Attach Top Chassis Plate Assembly

Line up the Top Chassis Plate on top of all the struts, and carefully snap the Top Chassis Plate assembly onto the side struts and motor mounts. Press gently above each side strut individually until they each snap into place. If you have the Bumpers installed, make sure the boards are between the top and bottom plates.

Snap top plate to side struts

If you need to remove the plate to change anything, gently pull upward on each side strut individually. Do not attempt to use pliers or hand tools, or you may end up snapping the plastic clip.