Assembly Guide for RedBot with Shadow Chassis

Contributors: HelloTechie, SFUptownMaker, Shawn Hymel
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3. Line Follower

In this section, you will be putting standoffs on the RedBot Sensor - Line Followers. Then you will add the sensors to your chassis.

Locate the Following:

1x Line Follower Mount (I) 1x Line Follower Mount Plate (J) 3x Line Follower Board (Q)
Line follower mount mount Front motor mount plate Line follower board
3x 3-Wire Jumper Cable (Y)
Jumper cable >

Construct the Line Follower Assembly

Attach the 3 Line Follower Boards (Q) to the Line Follower Mount (I) such that the rectangular pegs in the Line Follower Mount poke through the mounting holes in the Line Follower Boards. Make sure the sensors are facing away/down from the clip of the mount.

Line follower boards on mount

Place the Line Follower Mount Plate (J) on top of the Line Follower Mount (I) so that the center clip of the mount is poking through the center slot of the plate.

Plate on top of line follower boards

Attach the Cables

You will need to connect a 3-Wire Jumper Cable (Y) to each of the Line Follower Boards (Q). Note the color of the wire attached to each pin.

Line Follower Connections:

Jumper Wire Color RedBot Sensor - Line Follower
Black GND
White OUT

Attach all 3 cables to the 3 Line Follower Boards. Notice that the white wire should be on the right and the black wire should be on the left.

Attach cables to line follower boards

Attach the Line Follower Assembly to the Chassis

Locate the wide, rectangular slot near the front of the chassis and snap the line follower assembly in from the bottom side of the chassis. Route the cables through the large hole in the bottom plate.

Line follower boards added to chassis