Artemis Global Tracker Hookup Guide

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Iridium and Artemis Software Setup

The Artemis Global Tracker requires a couple of software setup steps users need to complete before they start working with the device. You must create an account for Rock7 Operations to set up line rental and message credits for the 9603N. Users wanting to use the AGT with the Arduino IDE may need to install the SparkFun Apollo3 Arduino core to upload code to the Artemis Module.

Rock7 Operations

Head over to Rock7's Operations webpage to create an account to use the 9603N on the Iridium Satellite Network. You must create an account and link the 9603N to it as well as set up a line rental and purchase message credits with Rock7 to send data over the network. The website has easy-to-follow instructions to get the 9603N registered and operating on the network.

Artemis Arduino Guides

Users needing to install the SparkFun Apollo3 Arduino Core should read through the tutorial below:

Artemis Development with the Arduino IDE

September 10, 2020

This is an in-depth guide on developing in the Arduino IDE for the Artemis module and any Artemis microcontroller development board. Inside, users will find setup instructions and simple examples from blinking an LED and taking ADC measurements; to more complex features like BLE and I2C.
Important! The Artemis Global Tracker examples currently work only on version 2.1.0 of the SparkFun Apollo3 Arduino core. Make sure to install that version of the Arduino core when using the Artemis Global Tracker. You can select the version when using the Boards Manager tool in the Arduino IDE or users who prefer to manually manage the board definitions can find version 2.1.0 here. We are currently working on an update to the Arduino core to resolve this issue. You can keep track of the development process on the Apollo3 Arduino core GitHub Repository. We will update this guide once this issue is resolved.

The Artemis Global Tracker uses the Artemis ATP board definitions. The Artemis Arduino Core install includes this board definition but in case you are interested in learning more about the Artemis ATP, head on over to the Hookup Guide:

Hookup Guide for the SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP

August 28, 2019

Get started with the RedBoard Artemis ATP - all the functionality of the SparkFun Artemis module wrapped in the Mega Arduino Footprint