Artemis Development with Arduino

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Updated Tutorial: An updated version of this tutorial for the Arduino IDE has been released. This tutorial will be retired once all the software tutorials (Arduino IDE, Mbed OS, and Ambiq SDK) for the Artemis module have been completed.

The SparkFun Artemis is an amazing module. So much functionality packed into a tiny 10x15mm footprint! But what really makes it powerful is the ability to quickly write sketches and build projects using only Arduino code. Whether you are using one of our boards that has the Artemis module pre-integrated or have your own, this tutorial will show you how to install SparkFun's Apollo3 Arduino core and get you up and blinking in less than 5 minutes!

SparkFun Artemis Module - Low Power Machine Learning BLE Cortex-M4F

SparkFun Artemis Module - Low Power Machine Learning BLE Cortex-M4F


Required Materials

To follow along with this tutorial, you'll need one of the following Artemis carrier boards such as the RedBoard, RedBoard Nano, or RedBoard ATP and a USB C cable.

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis Nano

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis Nano

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP

SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP


USB 2.0 Cable A to C - 3 Foot


Suggested Reading

If you aren’t familiar with the following concepts, we recommend checking out these tutorials before continuing.

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