XBee WiFi Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

Now that you've taken your XBee to the cloud, what nifty Internet-of-Things app are you going to make? If you need any help, or this tutorial didn't answer all of your question, consider checking out these resources as well:

Going Further

If you need some inspiration, or just want to keep reading tutorials, check these related guides out:

  • Internet Datalogging with XBee WiFi -- The XBee WiFi doesn't have to be relegated to talking with the Device Cloud. Check out this tutorial where we combine the XBee WiFi with an XBee Shield and an Arduino to stick sensor readings on the Internet.

Internet datalogging tutorial

  • ATmega128RFA1 Development Board Hookup Guide -- ATmega128RFA1 Dev Boards are like fully customizable XBees. They operate on the same standard as Zigbee (so no WiFi), but they supply you with tons and tons of I/O, and even Arduino capability.
  • Bluetooth Basics -- Another wireless option, if WiFi isn't the best fit for your project, is Bluetooth. Learn all about Bluetooth in this technology tutorial.
  • RN-52 Hookup Guide -- If Bluetooth is your thing, we recommend either the RN-52 for audio or the...
  • BlueSMiRF Hookup Guide -- The BlueSMiRF is a fantastically easy Bluetooth module, perfect for passing low data rate serial data over the air.