Comments: XBee WiFi Hookup Guide


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  • I downloaded X-CTU to configure my purchased XBees but the interfaces were different. Will there be any updated tutorials using the X-CTU beta software?

  • After waiting about for about an hour I then went back to try it again and it worked! Seems like it takes some time for the account to be updated.

  • After successfully creating account on the “Device Cloud” and configuring it properly for my XBee WiFi module (i.e. I can see the properties of the device) I then tried to log into the “XBee Wi-Fi Cloud Kit”, when I do this I enter my username and password and hit “Log In”. Result is that I get “Unexpected status code: 500”? Do you know if there is a problem with the cloud kit or does it take time for a new user to have his credentials updated from the “Device Cloud” web page?

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