Wireless Audio Bluetooth Adapter w/ BC127

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There were some issues that I ran into when trying to configure the BC127 and testing the BC127 initially. Below are a few tips for those that are using a BC127 audio bluetooth in a project.

BC127 Output Error and Not Connecting to a Source Bluetooth?

If you are seeing this error with your BC127:


, it's possible that the BC127 has somehow been set to source mode instead of sink mode. This can happen randomly or if you press and hold the momentary push button labeled VREGEN "long" on the Purpletooth Jamboree. BlueCreations defines a long as holding it down for 1000ms or more. Resending the commands should fix the issue:

set classic_role=0

Auto Connect After the BC127 is Turned on

If the BC127 has been turned on before your smartphone's Bluetooth is enabled, try hitting the RESET button to power cycle the BC127 so that it can re-scan through its saved list of previously paired devices. You can also power cycle or send the reset command.