Wireless Audio Bluetooth Adapter w/ BC127

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Connecting Your Source Bluetooth

With the wireless audio Bluetooth adapter built, any audio Bluetooth set as a source should be able to connect and stream music. Here are some general notes to connect your source's Bluetooth since each device can have different instructions. Most of the time, a smartphone (with a Android and iPhone) is used to connect. Any smartphone or laptop that has an audio Bluetooth should be able to connect. In this case, a smartphone was used.

General Steps to Connect

  • Press the "Discoverable" button on the BC127.
  • Turn on your device's source Bluetooth.
  • Scan for the wireless audio Bluetooth adapter from your settings.
  • Select the BC127's and begin pairing.
  • Once paired, connect to the BC127.
  • Open your music player app.
  • Choose your favorite track or mixtape and hit play.
  • Turn the volume up to safe levels on the speaker and phone once the music starts!