Wireless Arduino Programming with Electric Imp

Contributors: Nate
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Software Connections

We are going to assume that you have already commissioned your Imp and gotten it onto your local wifi. Log in to your Electric Imp account and open the Imp IDE. Here is the code you'll need to load code into the Agent:

Above is the code for the Imp Agent

And here is the code you'll need to load into the Imp Device:

Above is the code for the Imp Device

Once you've successfully loaded both bits of code, find the agent link at the top of the page. Open another browser tab, and navigate to the agent link. You should be presented with a simple HTML page:

Imp Bootloading Page

Get ready... Go!

From here you can select the hex file you would like to send to your Arduino. The HEX file is found after compiling your sketch in the Arduino IDE. We'll tell you how to get these HEX files in the next section. For now, use these two:

Download these HEX files to your local computer. Select the Blink-1Hz.hex from the 'Choose File' button, then 'Send' the file to the Arduino. After a few seconds, your Arduino should be bootloaded with the new program! The LED should be blinking once per second. Now select the Blink-Fast hex file, and upload it. The LED should now be blinking four times per second.

Output log in Imp IDE

Watch the output in the IDE

The Imp will provide various bits debug information as well during booloading. If you run into issues, be sure to check the output from the Imp IDE.