Wireless Arduino Programming with Electric Imp

Contributors: Nate
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Resources and Going Further

The Tomatoless Boots project is a work in progress. If you found this tutorial helpful, or if you know Squirrel and would like to help, we would love it! Please let us know. There is also a place over on Github to file issues and help make improvements. A few features that would make Tomatoless Boots even better:

  • Create a send again button: As you develop a project it's common to send the same sketch over and over again with small tweaks so it would be really handy to avoid having to navigate to the same HEX file location. If the previous HEX file location can be remembered it should be relatively easy to create a button that allows a user to send the file that resides in the same spot. For example the contents of Blink.cpp.hex may change, but I'll want to send it multiple times as I work out bugs and features. It would be nice to just hit a 'Send Again' button.

  • Pull from and poll a dropbox folder: If we can direct the Imp to monitor a page or folder location out on the Internet it would remove the need to even select the HEX file. I love dropbox, and it's possible to have Arduino export directly to a given folder (see previous section). Why not have Arduino compile to a shared dropbox folder, and when the Imp detects a status change (aka /delta), automatically bootload that HEX file to the target Arduino?

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