Using Flask to Send Data to a Raspberry Pi

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Hardware Hookup

You'll need to do some basic breadboarding to prepare for this tutorial. Don't worry, we'll walk you through all of it.

Raspberry Pi Connections

The connections for the Pi are simple: we're just connecting one LED to GPIO pin 2. See the Fritzing diagram below for information on how to do that.

Raspberry Pi connection diagram

ESP8266 Thing Connections

Hook up two of the buttons as seen in the Fritzing diagram below.

Thing connection diagram

One of the buttons will turn the remote LED on, the other will turn it off. We're going to assume that you're capable of soldering the headers onto the ESP8266 Thing board yourself, but if you need some help, check out our soldering tutorial.

This is also where you'll use the long, centered breakaway headers. A six-pin group of them inserted into the breadboard aligned with the programming pins on the Thing will give you a place to plug in the FTDI board.