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  • I can't believe you guys didn't leave pin 6 broken out, so you could use it in One-shot mode!

    One-shot mode is very useful for interactive battery powered projects. In this mode, it will remain in low power off condition, until a button press to wake it up, and then power back off when either the timer runs out or if it gets a Done signal sooner.

    You need to make a new version of the board with the One-shot pin broken out.

  • Excuse me for my English, I hope you can help me, I have been using my TPL 5110 for a few months and until today I have only managed to get the example code to work, however, I am not able to get a sensor reading done or to save some data in an SD memory, I hope you can help me

  • Is there a way to disable the red LED on the TPL5110 Nano Power? I've got a datalogger with a humidity and temp sensor and I'm powering it with a small 3.7 lipo 800mAh I have it set to record temp/humidity every 30 min and I'm wanting to get it to run as long as possible. I figured if I could disable the LED, I might save a little more power. Thanks in advance!

    • I put a jumper on the underside of the Nano Power Timer for just this reason. Simply cut this trace between the two pads to disconnect the LED. Thanks for the comment, because this information was accidentally left out of the hardware guide, but has now been put in. Take a look in the Hardware Overview under the "LED" section.

      • Ah that's good news. (I have it in a breadboard and didn't notice it since it's on the bottom) Anyhow, thanks, I will cut it and get even a little more juice out of my batteries!

  • Also, I understand I need to bring the Done pin to high to shut it off, but can I connect the DRV pin to EN pin (Enable pin) on the ESP8266 board? Does that work to turn the ESP8266 on?

  • Hi, doesn't the RedBoard Turbo require a min of 5 volts to run correctly? If so, how is the 3.7 lipoly working in the example you've shown?

    • That's a great question. In the example above we're inserting power to VIN which is regulated down to 3.3V which is in line with the SAMD21's logic level of 3.3V (not 5V). Feel free to ask more questions if that's not obvious or check out the Redboard Turbo's hookup guide.

  • Hello, thanks for this timer! It was what I need. It could be usefull to add a piece of code with a counter to give number of wake up per day for exemple if we have a RTC.

  • Also I think it would be really useful to make a truly "nano" version that can fit in a pen with a aaa battery with only the power pins and an empty resistor slot to program it!

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