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  • the spec sheet says to design circuit to provide back EMF protection when controlling inductive device (as this motor controller always is, Duh!). If current from controller to motor was unidirectional, this could be done with a snubber diode as you do with a relay. But this device outputs motor current in both directions normally (for reversing), so diode(s) won't work.

    BUT: It also seems to show that when the In1 and In2 (either channel) are in H/H or any H/L config except L/L, or PWM drops to L (I guess that means near 0 for your pulse width), the motor output goes to L/L, i.e. shorted to gnd, same as 'brake'. So that should keep any back EMF from damaging the MOSFETs, right? Thus, if you always code for PWM to drop to 0, OR set both inputs to H, momentarily, just before you 'stop' or reverse, that should protect the device? Or is this actually not a problem you even need to consider -- because the schematic on p. 3 of the data sheet shows protection diodes already present inside the IC?

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