SSOP-16 to DIP Adapter Hookup Guide

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The SparkFun 16-Pin SSOP to DIP Adapter is a small PCB that lets you adapt 14 and 16-pin SSOP packages to a DIP footprint. These are useful for modding and upgrading devices that use 16-pin DIP ICs, when the upgraded IC is only available in a SSOP footprint. You can also use it for prototyping, to make SSOP packages compatible with solderless breadboards.

SparkFun SSOP to DIP Adapter - 16-Pin

SparkFun SSOP to DIP Adapter - 16-Pin


The updated version of this adapter comes as a dual array of PCBs -- if you're adapting one chip, you're likely to adapt more than one. The PCBs easily snap apart, resulting in two individual boards.

The SSOP-16 land pattern on the board has also been improved from its predecessor. First, the SSOP and DIP pin numbering matches -- both packages count counterclockwise from their respective pin 1. The board also fits in a standard 0.3" wide DIP footprint. The pads are very long, to accomodate 3.9mm, 4.4mm and 5.3mm package widths. They are on 0.635mm centers, but, with careful installation, an IC with 0.65mm leads will also fit. The board is contained entirely within the DIP outline, for situations with no extra clearance around the IC. Finally, if you leave two pads disconnected, SSOP-14 packages also fit.

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