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Electronic Assembly II - Resistors

Resistors are not polarized - they can be installed in either orientation. We'll install the resistors in order of increasing resistance value. For each resistor value, we'll insert, solder and trim the excess leads just as you did with the diodes.

The resistor values are indicated by the colored stripes on the resistor body. We'll note the color codes in the photo captions below, but if you'd like a more thorough explanation of how the codes work, you can find that in our Resistor Markings Tutorial.

470 Ω

The lowest value resistors are the two 470 Ω resistors. They are located near the left edge of the PCB, as seen below:

470 Ω Location

470 Ω Resistors (_Yellow - Violet - Brown - Gold)_

1K Ω

After the 470's is the 1k Ω resistor. It's located near the right edge of the board:

1K Ω Location

1K Ω Resistor (_Brown - Black - Red - Gold)_

10K Ω

Next up are the 10K resistors. There are five of them, shown here:

10K Ω Location

10K Ω Resistors (_Brown - Black - Orange - Gold)_

100K Ω

There are also five 100k resistors. They are installed near the middle of the PCB:

100K Ω Locatio

100K Ω Resistors (_Brown - Black - Yellow - Gold)_

1 MΩ

Finally comes the 1 Mega-Ohm resistor. It goes here:

1 MegaOhm Location

1M Ω Resistor (_Brown - Black - Green - Gold)_

At this point, all of the diodes and resistors have been installed. Your board should look like this:

Resistor Waypoint