SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Teensy Hookup Guide

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Resources and Going Further

That's a wrap! Your Qwiic Shield for Teensy/Teensy Extended is now ready to connect to any of a host of Qwiic devices SparkFun offers. For more information, take a look at the resources below.

Qwiic Shield for Teensy

Qwiic Shield for Teensy Extended

Even More Resources

If you are having trouble getting your Qwiic devices to connect using your newly assembled Qwiic Shield, you may want to take a look at these tutorials for help troubleshooting and reworking your shield.

Now that you have your Qwiic Shield ready to go, it's time to check out some Qwiic products. Below are a few to get started.

SparkFun Spectral Sensor Breakout - AS7263 NIR (Qwiic)

SparkFun Spectral Sensor Breakout - AS7263 NIR (Qwiic)

SparkFun Thing Plus - Artemis

SparkFun Thing Plus - Artemis

SparkFun 16x2 SerLCD - RGB Text (Qwiic)

SparkFun 16x2 SerLCD - RGB Text (Qwiic)

SparkFun Thing Plus - RP2040

SparkFun Thing Plus - RP2040


Before you go, here are some other tutorials using the Qwiic Connect System you may want to look through:

Sensor Kit Resource Hub

An overview of each component in the SparkFun Sensor Kit, plus links to tutorials and other resources you'll need to hook them up.

Qwiic Magnetometer (MLX90393) Hookup Guide

Figure out how magnetic fields are oriented, all without having to solder a thing.

Qwiic Single Relay Hookup Guide

Get started switching those higher power loads around with the Qwiic Single Relay.

SparkFun Air Quality Sensor - SGP30 (Qwiic) Hookup Guide

A hookup guide to get started with the SparkFun Air Quality Sensor - SGP30 (Qwiic).