SparkFun gator:log Hookup Guide

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Hardware Assembly

Note: The gator:log will NOT function properly when used with the gator:bit. Users should use the gator:bit (v2) with the gator:log for it to operate properly.

Connecting your gator:log to the to the gator:bit (v2) is simple. The board can also be daisy-chained with other I2C boards. This can easily be done with alligator cables or these special banana cables.

Hardware Assembly
Hardware assembly of connections used in example. Click to enlarge.
Multiple Boards
Example of connecting multiple gator accessory boards. Click to enlarge.
gator:log GND 3V3 RX TX RST
gator:bit (v2) GND 3.3V OUT P15 (MOSI) P14 (MISO) P13 (SCK)