Sound Page Guide

Contributors: Shawn Hymel
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Play With Your Art

Plug It in

Attach the barrel jack to JST cable to the LilyPad MP3 board's JST connector.

Plugging in the JST cable

Connect the wall adapter to the barrel jack of the JST cable and plug it into the wall.

Plugging in the wall adapter

Turn It on

Find the power switch on the LilyPad MP3 board and flip it to ON.

Turning on the power


Touch one of the silhouettes. As soon as you remove your finger, you should hear glorious sounds coming out of the little speaker!

Touching a silhouette

Help! I Don't Hear Any Sounds

This might happen. If you don't hear any sounds coming out of the little speaker when you touch and remove your finger from one of the silhouettes, check a few things:

  • Carefully look underneath the speaker to make sure the speaker nor any paint is touching the ground pin for port labeled "5V FTDI". You might have to remove the speaker, remove any globs of paint that might be jumping up to a "5V FTDI" pin, add more paint to the "LEFT SPEAKER" pads, and replace the speaker.
  • Try connecting some headphones to the headphones jack to see if you get any sound.
  • Wiggle the resistors to make sure that they are truly connected to the conductive paint traces.