Soft Circuits: LED Feelings Pizza

Contributors: Chelsea the Destroyer
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Love is sort of an unavoidable human condition, be it love for a person or a delicious snack. So here -- whether you give it to someone you love more than pizza, or keep it for yourself as a symbol of your own undying love for pizza -- are detailed instructions on how to make your own slice of LED-riddled, felt Feelings Pizza. Is it silly? Yes. Does it serve a purpose? Other than amusement, not especially. So why are we doing this? We are doing this because it's better than watching Rock of Love re-runs, and why not.

As a side bonus, this is also a good project to introduce kids to electronics, as the supplies are inexpensive, the electronic components are simple and the danger level is low.

Suggested Reading

If you'd like to start from square one, here are a couple tutorials that cover some of the basic concepts we'll be using to build our dream pizza: