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  • Kabong / about 10 years ago * / 2

    First off, this tutorial is absolutely fantastic and I've had a lot of fun using it as an intro to soft circuits. That said, there were two things that I got hung up on that I thought I'd mention in case other people run into the same issue:

    • Under 'Electronics. Part I.', the tutorial says to thread the needle with a 6" piece of thread, but I found this length was too short (even doubled) to make it between the positive terminals of the battery holder and then to the positive terminal of the LilyTwinkle. There's plenty of thread on the spool, so I wound up starting with closer to a 24" piece.
    • The Sparkfun needle set comes with a variety of needle sizes, which is great. I had a problem though when I started using the largest needle size to do the sewing. The large needle works great for the LilyTwinkle and the battery holder, but the needle is too large to fit through the smaller diameter holes of the LEDs. I wound up having to undo a bit of sewing and then going back to redo it with one of the smaller needles. Using the smaller needle also meant that I wound up using a needle threader, which was very helpful and luckily just so happened to have access to.

    Thanks! Looking forward to more awesome Sparkfun tutorials.

    • Dia / about 10 years ago * / 1

      Thanks for the feedback, Kabong! And you're right- the larger needles are designed to work well with the standard LEDs, but the smaller needle is necessary for the micro LEDs. It's fine to use either LED for this project, so if you find the larger needles easier to teach with, feel free to make the switch!

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