Soft Circuits: LED Feelings Pizza

Contributors: Chelsea the Destroyer
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Electronics. Part II.

Now, without cutting our first piece of thread, we will flip the felt over and begin sewing our circuit on the other side, which will be the inside of our pizza. On the blank side of the felt -- somewhere below where the battery holder lies on the other side, but not obstructing any of the spots you’ll need to sew down the LEDs to match up with your pepperonis -- continue your stitch from the second positive terminal of the battery holder to the positive terminal on the LilyTwinkle, and sew it down.

alt text

Now you can cut and tie off your thread (make sure to tie it tight and cut the ends of all threads short to avoid crossing stray threads and shorting your circuit), and re-thread the needle with a new piece of conductive thread for the next part.

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