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Simon is an all-time classic game made by Milton Bradley. Kids have been playing this game for years - dating back to 1978. That's pretty impressive! I can't even imagine what kinds of electronics were available in 1978!

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SparkFun created our own version of this game that now runs on the ATmega328 chip (the same microcontroller as the one on the Arduino Uno). This was originally designed as a simple soldering kit, but we quickly realized it had much more potential and could be used to teach programming as well. With a few header pins and an FTDI breakout, you can start reprogramming your Simon in Arduino.

Our basic game runs in a single-player mode. There have been many adaptations to the Simon Code - including a battle-mode that allows two players to challenge each other.

Easter Eggs?

If you haven’t discovered these yet - we have embedded two easter eggs into our code. The first is the Bee Gees Disco Mode. Hold down the Lower-Right button when you turn on the Simon to see this one.

There is also a "Battle-Mode" version that we programmed in as well. Hold the upper right button when you turn on the device. To start the game, the first player should hit a single button. Pass the Simon to your opponent. Your opponent repeats the button press, adds a second button, and then passes it back. Continue by mimicking the pattern and adding a new button for each round. This pattern repeats until someone loses.

Got it?

Wait! I bought my Simon Says kit a long time ago and it doesn't have this feature? No worries. We're going to show you how to update and modify your code.

Things you'll need to get started:

You'll need a few more things to add wireless, but let's start with just making some easy modifications first.

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