SD Cards and Writing Images

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Card Readers

You can find almost as many SD card readers as SD cards but there really aren't that many differences. Your local computer store, or even conveinence store will most likely have at least one USB adapters. If your computer doesn't have one there are plenty of choices available for adapters, for the most part these will connect to your computer over USB. Some will do just uSD, uSD and SD or, a whole bunch of different card types. Any of these should work fine for our examples.

A few different SD and uSD card readers

A few different SD and uSD card readers

Most laptops and even some desktops now have direct slots in them to read and write SD cards. Often these are directly connected to the USB port inside your machine, making them the same as the USB adapters, but not always. These should work just fine for our examples, but if you are having problems try a USB adapter.

SD card Slot or USB as Options

Most cameras now use SD cards and can be plugged into your computer via a USB cable. For the most part the data is going through the camera and not being read directly from the computer. For that reason this will not work for our examples, this is true for phones and other devices as well. Basically if your device has a name other than "SD adapter" it probably won't work.

For this tutorial, you will need either an SD slot in your computer or a USB adapter. Make sure it fits the size card you have or you have the appropriate adapter. Otherwise, grab the microSD USB reader from the SparkFun catalog.

microSD USB Reader