RED-V Development Guide

Contributors: bboyho, Englandsaurus
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Freedom Studio

Below is an issue that you may run into when using the RED-V in Freedom Studio.

Issues Uploading to the RED-V Again

There are a few reasons why if you have problems uploading code. If you recently uploaded code and the board is still connected to your computer, you'll need to make sure to hit terminate (i.e. the button that looks like a red square) before uploading again. This is because Freedom Studio is still connected to the board in debug mode.

Upload Error

If you uploaded several times to the board and have issues uploading after clicking on the terminate button, try disconnecting the RED-V from your USB port. Then re-insert the board back.

Zephyr RTOS

Below is one issue that you may run into when using the RED-V in Zephry RTOS.

Issues Compiling

If you have issues compiling, you may have missed a step when installing the software for the Zephry RTOS. Try going through the command lines again to ensure that the software and tools are installed correctly. You also may need to run the west build command a few more times to compile.