Qwiic 12-Bit ADC Hookup Guide

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Here are a few tips for troubleshooting this device.


If you are not using the Qwiic system, make sure your supply voltage is within the electrical specifications of the ADS1015.


Make sure your inputs have proper contacts and that you are grounding looping them. If you are using the inputs in differential mode, be sure to cut the potentiometer jumper for accurate readings.

Inputs Voltages

If the input voltage was outside (GND - .3)V - (VDD + .3) V, it is very likely that the ADS1015 was damaged and you probably need a new board.

Not Getting a Full 12-bits

If you are expecting to use the full resolution of the 12-bit for the ADC, but you are having issues; check out the brief explanation of the data in the hardware section. The ADS1015 is effectively a 10.6-bit ADC when powered at 3.3V and using a 4.096 FSR.

No Available Devices in Examples

Usually an issue in attempt to connect to the Qwiic ADC.

  • Check the I2C address jumper on the board and the defined I2C address in the code.
  • Check Qwiic cables and make sure they are fully inserted. Try a another cable if possible.
  • If you aren't using the Qwiic system, double check your logic levels. You should be using a logic level converter between different logic levels.
  • Try the I2C scanner code to search for devices on the I2C bus. You may have changed the I2C address (code or hardware) and forgotten.

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