Qwiic 12-Bit ADC Hookup Guide

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Hardware Assembly

With the Qwiic connector system, assembling the hardware is fairly simple. For the examples below, all you need to do is connect your Qwiic ADC to Qwiic enabled microcontroller with a Qwiic cable. Otherwise, you can use the I2C pins, if you don't have a Qwiic connector on your microcontroller board. Just be aware of your input voltage and any logic level shifting you may need to do.

Example setup with RedBoard Qwiic
Example setup with RedBoard Qwiic.

Additionally, you can connect your input voltages to the available inputs on the screw terminals and or use the breakout pins on the board. Make sure the connections are fully inserted and that you are ground looping your inputs. Ground looping can be done by connecting the ground of your input to the ground of the ADC.

Using Screw Terminals
Example of attaching inputs through screw terminals.